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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so high? Why don't you charge more?

Yes we have been asked both questions. We want our packages to be affordable for everyone. We think everyone deserves the royal treatment, therefore we have priced our packages as affordably as possible. Talk to us about your pricing concerns, we want to help you create your dream day for your child. Once you see us in action, we know you'll become a believer in the value we provide. It is very important to us that our clients to see the value in what we do, so please talk to us ahead of time about any pricing concerns you make have. 

So for those that are unsure, here is a breakdown of what you are paying for:

Reserving the entertainers time on the weekends: Most of us have families or busy school and work schedules. When we work on a Saturday or Sunday, we give up a lot of our weekend plans with our friends and families, and schedule our day around our parties. That means even if we have a 30 min visit scheduled, we cannot make plans to go away for the weekend and must remain in town to honor your scheduled visits.

Preparation time: It takes the princesses about 2+ hours and an assistant to get into, hair, wig, make-up, dresses and hoop skirts  It takes another 1-3 hours to go over party itinerary and pack our supplies and unpack our things when we get back. Additionally we spend about 5-20 hours a week on costume cleaning mending and wig styling. 

Time traveling to your party and time at party: It is our policy NEVER to be late, so we take time out of our day to come early to allow time for parking, direction mishaps etc. We'd rather be 30 min early than 5 min late. You are paying for someone that is 100% dependable. Check reviews and references online when you hire someone. Dependability is just as important as high quality entertainment to us!

Our skills: Our actors and artists have spent a lot of money, time, and education on performing and visual party arts. Our performers aren't just girls in dresses or guys in halloween costumes, we are professionally trained actresses, dancers, singers, and artists that have taken time to study the characters we portray so your child's experience will not only be magical but authentic. 

Party Supplies and Costumes: We take great pride in our costuming and wigs. We are not just throwing on halloween costumes. Our costumes are high quality, and some we have even designed ourself and had made custom. Not the most budget friendly, but our quality speaks for itself. The wigs also require many hours of care a week. Luckily, we happen to have an onsite wig stylist that has been trained in caring for and restyling wigs. 

Overhead: Additionally, there are a lot of fees for small businesses just to keep your doors open, taxes, website, insurance, office supplies, and so much more. Did you know small businesses are taxed 36%? 

While it is our job to price accordingly to keep our business open, we don't do this for the money. We truly have a passion for kids and our community, and work very hard to stay in business so that we can continue to serve our community. Thank you for your continued support of our small, family business. With your support, we will continue to spread magic across WNC, South Carolina and Tennessee. 

How do I book?

We take care of bookings via phone or email and also require a 50% non-refundable booking fee to reserve your date and time. 

What if I don't know how many kids are showing up?

It's always a good idea to get a rough estimate, however, we are used to going with the flow. How many kids attending the party will determine how much time there is for activities. 

What if there's only going to be a few kids there? 

That just means there is more personal time with the princess and extra time for more activities. 

What's your cancellation policy?

The 50% booking fee is non-refundable but transferable. If you paid the full amount you get 50% back as long as you let us know 2 weeks prior. If you need to switch your date, 2 weeks prior is recommended. If you cancel day of or up to 5 days before scheduled date, you will be billed for the full amount. In the event of inclement weather, illness or emergency we do our best to reschedule and your deposit is transferred to the new date. If it cannot be rescheduled you get 50% of the total amount back if you paid it in full, deposit will be forfeited.

What should I expect when I book a party? 

For a 1 hour party we recommended about 8 kids, 1.5 hour party 15 kids, a 2 hour party 25 kids.

Depending on the package selected, the princess will arrive with her special bag and invite the kids to participate in glitter tattoos or princess makeovers. After the princess gives them their individual service she'll perform a princess coronation ceremony, after the ceremony there is often time for a story and pictures. Before the princess leaves she will give a special gift to the birthday girl. 

What if I only want the character for a quick visit or I am on a budget? 

We offer Singing Telegrams Monday-Friday and also do preschool visits for $125. We do our best to keep pricing as affordable as possible while maintaining high quality and professional entertainers.  Please keep in mind you are not just paying for the visit itself, you are also paying for the hours we spend preparing for your event, reserving time out in our day, wear and tear on costumes as well as other overheads to keep our business up and running. To see more about behind the scenes feel free to read on. 

Do you give discounts for Charity or Businesses? 

Yes we do, however we do reserve our charity/special pricing for Monday-Friday, as we depend on Saturday and Sunday (only 8 days out of the month) to make an income and pay overheads. We love charity work, and our business was founded off generosity, kindness and love.

Princess Party Pricing

Click here to see your average travel fee for that area

Princess 1 hour $195     

Queen 1.5 hours $225    

Castle 2 hours $275       2 Princesses $475

Kingdom $750

2 hours 3 princesses, party leader and mini concert with our PA, and your choice of balloon twisting or face painting

Add Ons:

balloon twisting OR face painting to any package for $50

mini concert: $125 per package

Add a Princess $135 an hour

Specialty Packages  (ask for details)

Tea Party, Spa Party, OR Pajama Party:

2 hours, 1 princess and one party leader $475

Swimming Mermaid Package :

2 hours, 1 princess and one party leader $475

1 hour, 1 princess and one party leader $275

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