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Looking for Sponsors

We are currently looking for sponsors for our 3rd Annual Princess Charity Ball and our Be the Good Fund.

Over the years we have dedicated countless time and our own money to charity and volunteer work. It's by far our most rewarding work.

However the need in our area is far greater than what we can support on our own.

With your help this fund has the power to continue to bless many kids and families for many years to come right here in WNC.

Most of our entertainers are mothers or students with a big passion for helping our community.

We are hopping this fund will help us say 'yes' more often. This fund will help cover expenses related to volunteer work as well as 'Wish Granting' for local kids with illnesses and families with financial hardships.

We want to bring more joy in times of tragedy. Moments where kids can be kids, and not think about their unfair circumstances even if it’s just for a moment. Where families can create magical memories despite their hardships. Memories that they get to keep forever.

Your ticket, donation, or sponsorship will help more kids experience the magic, childhood nostalgia and joy in 2019.

For info on Sponsorships and Sponsor Packets email us at

To make a donation:

For more info on our show visit:

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